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Privacy Policy

Everything that is related to your identity is kept in full confidentiality here on Your personal details are never posted online or shared with anyone. Most certainly, they are never handed over to companies for marketing purposes. Should you end up sharing some personal details on my website, I assure you that they will never be exposed in any way.

Sharing Your Personal Details

You are not required to share your personal details on my website. is available any time and can be accessed easily. There are no sign ups. But soon as you post a comment, your email address is needed. There’s no other way for you to post a comment or even send a message without sharing your email address. But don’t worry about that because I will never use your email address. I will only reply back to you if needed. Your email address stays here, safe and protected.

Protecting Your Digital Footprint

Even if you don’t intend to share anything on my website, you still do. Your digital footprint can easily be traced through your IP address. Your IP address shows up each time you get on my website and post a comment.

Your IP address actually represents the computer you are using. All computers have their own distinct IP address and this identifies you online. The reason why the websites are able to see your IP address is because of the cookies in your computer. If they are enabled, they store text files from the websites you visit. Once they do that, they are also able to access your IP address because it’s also stored in the cookies as a text file.

The good thing is you can actually control that. You just have to make sure your cookies are disabled. They will store text files when you go online but they will be cleared soon as you exit your browser. And the IP address the websites will see is that of your internet service provider.

That is the best way to protect your digital footprint. Nonetheless, I will also make sure your personal details are protected here on