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Prepping The Babysitter

by Samantha

babysitter-no-junk-foodMy ten-year old son has weight problems. He is in the process of losing some weight. Nonetheless, I make sure he is eating the right foods. As a working mom, I regularly have a babysitter come over to watch him.

In my  experience, I have learned that my son usually gets away with junk food when I am not around. Without a briefing, the babysitter is not aware that my son is not allowed to take in junk food. So I  came up with a scheme that would keep my son on a healthy path even under the guidance of a babysitter.

I make sure to explain to the babysitter that my son is on a strict diet. Clearly, I make it a point to tell the new babysitter that he is not allowed to eat anything aside from the snacks that I have prepared for him. If by chance that I was not able to prepare some snacks, I have a list of food that he is allowed to eat. The list also comes with the correct food portions to consume. All these healthy foods are readily available in our pantry. I expect the babysitter to abide by my food guidelines and not yield to my son’s unhealthy food requests.

I also make suggestions as to how they can spend the day doing some physical activities. I prefer that they find time to play in the yard. Game boards, books, jump ropes, and balls, are all available in the house for them to use. If I do not remind the importance of doing these activities, the babysitter might just let my son watch TV the entire time.

As a parent, it is my responsibility to make sure that my son is under the care of a reliable babysitter. Thus, I make sure to prepare the babysitter so that expectations are met. This way, the babysitter can also help my son acquire the discipline that I am instilling in him.