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  1. Helping Children Beat Boredom

    by Samantha

    children-in-park-activityAs a stay-at-home mom, my challenge is how to entertain my children. No matter how many toys they have, they seem to find the time to get bored. As soon as I put down my first cup of coffee in the morning, they come to me and ask about their activities for the day. Definitely, school spares me from their boredom. But when the weekend comes, they often complain about getting bored.

    Spending the entire day watching television is not an option for me. My kids only get a few hours of TV every day. I would rather have them playing with their toys than watching TV. This is why I have thought of simple ways to keep my kids active and entertained.

    Depending on the budget, our activities can range from daily swimming lessons at the nearby gym to tearing paper for decoupage. On certain weekends, I have them help me me cook and bake. Although it sounds exciting, it can also get pretty tiring. The mess and chaos is enough to drive me nuts. But, of course, cleaning up is also part of the whole activity. It really keeps them very busy. Even if it takes longer for me to cook and more dishes to wash, I allow them to create a dish.

    Walking or jogging at the park is also a fun activity; we get to race and outdo each other.This really gets them tired that when we get home, they eat, wash up, and sleep.

    As a stay-home mom, I really try to come up with activities for my kids. I am already preparing a calendar of activities for the summer. It is normal that children get bored. As a parent, it is my responsibility to keep them active and curious. It is a challenging task. But with creativity and patience, it can be done.

  2. Prepping The Babysitter

    by Samantha

    babysitter-no-junk-foodMy ten-year old son has weight problems. He is in the process of losing some weight. Nonetheless, I make sure he is eating the right foods. As a working mom, I regularly have a babysitter come over to watch him.

    In my  experience, I have learned that my son usually gets away with junk food when I am not around. Without a briefing, the babysitter is not aware that my son is not allowed to take in junk food. So I  came up with a scheme that would keep my son on a healthy path even under the guidance of a babysitter.

    I make sure to explain to the babysitter that my son is on a strict diet. Clearly, I make it a point to tell the new babysitter that he is not allowed to eat anything aside from the snacks that I have prepared for him. If by chance that I was not able to prepare some snacks, I have a list of food that he is allowed to eat. The list also comes with the correct food portions to consume. All these healthy foods are readily available in our pantry. I expect the babysitter to abide by my food guidelines and not yield to my son’s unhealthy food requests.

    I also make suggestions as to how they can spend the day doing some physical activities. I prefer that they find time to play in the yard. Game boards, books, jump ropes, and balls, are all available in the house for them to use. If I do not remind the importance of doing these activities, the babysitter might just let my son watch TV the entire time.

    As a parent, it is my responsibility to make sure that my son is under the care of a reliable babysitter. Thus, I make sure to prepare the babysitter so that expectations are met. This way, the babysitter can also help my son acquire the discipline that I am instilling in him.